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A C Express



Here is your chance to win a free air tour of Monongalia County, West Virginia. Brought to you by your friends at Mountain Echo & A C Express, a free 20 minute airplane ride over Morgantown will be given away to our Mountain Echo readers every month.

Entering is easy and free. Simply find the little blue plane and click on it.

Don't Click Here, Just An Example

Every month, our staff will hide the little blue plane on a certain page of the Mountain Echo site. It can be anywhere on the site, be sure to visit as many pages as you can. Clicking on the little blue plane brings you to a special sign up form for your entry. Submit the form once and your entry is registered, it's that easy.

Be sure to tell all your friends to visit Mountain Echo or ACExpress to get their chance at the tour as well. Please be sure to read the terms & conditions before you enter.


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