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Current Advertising Rates for Mountain Echo 

Attention West Virginia Business Owners!
  Front end your site through Mountain Echo and share in the traffic we receive. If you are not satisfied with the traffic your site is receiving, join our Mountain Echo Front End Plan.
  This plan is specifically catered to West Virginia Businesses, allowing them the chance to become a featured Associate Editor with their own section of the Mountain Echo web site. Up to three pages, their own permission based e-mail newsletter, column archives, three or more 486x60 advertisement banners throughout the site and a chance to offer giveaways & contests. Members of the Front End Plan receive great exposure for their product or web site, as well as a chance to promote them with a column for our readers. FEP members can submit updates and newsletters twice a month, we take care of the rest. This is a great opportunity to gain the best kind of promotion for West Virginia businesses, West Virginia readers.

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Online Rates

Front Page Banner Ad (Home Page)
486 X 60                                                            $75.00 Per Month
(Animated)                                          $100.00 Per Month
120 X 90                                                             $35.00 Per Month
(Animated)                                            $60.00 Per Month
Text Link                                                             $5.00 Per Month
All Other Pages
486 X 60                                                             $25.00 Per Month
(Animation Add $20.00)
120 X 90                                                             $10.00 Per Month
Text Link                                                             $2.00 Per Month
Savings in Multiples
5-  486 X 60 Banners throughout the site     $100.00 Per Month
5-  120 X 90 Banners throughout the site        $35.00 Per Month
Savings in Volume
5 - 486 X 60 Banners For a Year                                     $1000.00
5 - 120 X 90 Banners For a Year                                       $375.00
(Animation Add $100.00)
1 - 486 X60 Banner Home Page For a Year                   $1000.00
1 - 120 X 90 Banner Home Page For a Year                    $375.00

Click here for e-mail inquiries

Check back for special deals & packages. All rates subject to change. Banners on the Home Page are distributed on a first come first serve basis. All other banners are placed at webmasters discretion throughout the site unless other arrangements are made.

Examples of available standard banner sizes. Other banner sizes are negotiable, feel free to  contact us. 1st time advertisers receive FREE banner creation for the life of their advertising contract, up to three changes (non-animated).

Basic banner creation services are available as well as creation for banner exchange programs. Drop us a line for details.

Example of a 120x90 banner
Placed in the side bar to give maximum effect, a 120x90 banner will be sure to catch the eye of anyone navigating the site. Order animation for maximum effect. E-mail  for more information.
Example of a 486x60 banner
Get the most out of your advertising dollar, the 486 x 60 banner rests at the top of the page and at the bottom. It draws attention as the first thing to load and the last thing seen.

Every affiliate banner advertisement on this page is the same size as yours. Although we endorse and appreciate every product offered through our affiliates, our ultimate goal is to see mostly West Virginia businesses advertising here. Another way to support Mountain Echo is to visit our current sponsors.

Mountain Echo

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