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August 1, 2000


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Stress Tips

1. Become aware of stress and anxiety. If you are aware of it, that is the first step to gaining control over it.

2. When stressful or anxious moments occur, take in a few (2-4) deep breaths. Take the breath in very deeply, hold each breath for just a moment, then release it blowing out as much air as possible. This will physically slow you down, by getting more oxygen into your body, mainly the brain and will have a calming effect.

3. Be aware of stressful situations and prepare for them. Allow yourself time to prepare. Rushing only increases stress and anxiety. Get there early and be ready. This lessens stress.

4. If you are in a situation, for instance, a job interview, get there early. You don’t have to go in more than five or ten minutes before the interview. Getting there too early may imply that you are too anxious, barely on time may imply that you are stressed. Get close to the meeting place and stop to give yourself a break. Get out of your car, or quietly sit there in the car listening to music that you find relaxing. BREATHE!!! BE AWARE THAT YOU MAY BE MADE TO WAIT. The waiting tactic is often used by interviewers to gain an advantage. If you are made to wait, relax, breathe slowly and deeply (normal deep, don’t pant) and know that since you know this secret, you have one more advantage.

5. Listen to how you talk to yourself. Learn to catch  these negative thoughts and replace them with something more positive. In example; "I was so stupid for making that mistake! What is wrong with Me!! Replace it with something like; "Well I screwed that one up. What can I learn from this to help me to do better the next time?"

6. Keep in mind that the only people who don’t make apparent mistakes, are those that are doing nothing! Active, productive people make mistakes, and try to learn from them. Doing nothing is without doubt, the biggest mistake of all. If a person is to succeed at anything, they will make mistakes along the way.

7. Don’t beat on yourself mentally or emotionally. There are enough fools out there that are only glad enough to do that for you. Why make their jobs easier?

8. Accept responsibility when you do make a mistake. Learn from the experience, and come to be known as an honest and reliable person.

9. When you don’t know something, do not be ashamed of it. All of life is a learning experience and we can sometimes learn something of value from even an idiot!

10. Give yourself time each and every day to have some fun. There is still a child inside, no matter your age, keep it entertained and it will not hassle you as often.

11. Chances are that you are neither the smartest nor the slowest person on the earth. You are although a unique individual.

12. If certain individuals stress you out, consider this: NOBODY can stress you out unless you allow them to. Some people are very good at finding and using other’s ‘Buttons’. Realize this and use it to your advantage. If you know who they are, you have an advantage. If you are prepared to relax and not let them ‘get your goat’ than you have a major advantage. ( There is a side benefit to this. When you do run into such people, and you will from time to time, and from situation to situation, if you remain calm, then they lose, and it might just stress them out!)

13. This is very important! If you are suffering from severe stress, in that it affects your mood, how you feel physically and mentally, get help from a trained professional. It is seldom expensive, well worth the time, effort and cost, as well as may make your life a little better each and every day to follow for the rest of your life. Learning self-defense against stress might not make you live longer, but it will surely help you to enjoy the life you have to a fuller degree.

For questions or to set an appointment for a five short session training course; e-mail me at frazier@wvmail or call (304) 287-7738. Many sessions can be made available during the evening and on weekends.

Discounts are made to groups of five individuals or more, as well as those in service and public service jobs.

Be sure to check out this site to enter for a free session!

Thank you.

j.t.Casey Moore

Owner and Founder




REST 287-7738     frazier@wvmail.com
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