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Relaxation & Essential Stress Techniques

Stressed Out?

  It is sad to say that this is a common question these days. Severe stress has become a part of everyday life. Job stress, educational stress, performance stress, family stress, and the list could go on forever. Why? The fact is that there are a list of reasons as long or longer than the list of types of stress. The real point is that excessive stress exists, makes our lives more difficult, and you can learn to control it.

  Learning the simple techniques that we at R.E.S.T. can teach you can help to lessen unnecessary stress. Our objective is to teach you methods of STRESS SELF-DEFENSE! There is no ridiculous promise that all of the stress in your life will magically disappear. There is although the opportunity to learn techniques that can lessen unnecessary stress, lightening the load, which could give you the opportunity to live your life to the best of your individual ability. A good question to begin with is "Am I stressed out?" Surprising as it may seem, there is a very simple test which will answer that question. Do you feel stressed out?



  Over the past few years stress has become one of the most dangerous and damaging things to the individual, to families, companies, and might I add, to we as a people. Have you heard the expressions "Worry yourself sick" or "Worry yourself to death"? It is not just an expression. There is scientific proof that stress can and does attribute to numerous medical conditions, mental and emotional problems, sometimes to the point of death. I will admit that we have no proof that death is a release from undue stress, but wouldn’t you be willing to admit that it is an extreme point to go to, to get relief?

  I also would not promise you that you will live longer if you take the time and make the investment to lessen your stress. But, would you not agree that reducing your unnecessary stress might make your life a little easier, more pleasant, maybe even better in any number of ways?

  I won’t bore you with a huge log of scientific studies. Instead, I would like to offer you the chance to help yourself. This is not a miracle cure for anything. It is a self-defense program which may help to make your life a little more like you would want it to be. It is an opportunity to lessen the daily stress in your life.

  I am a Professional Hypnotist and can teach you simple techniques that you can use for the rest of your life. If you take the little bit of time required to learn these techniques, your daily life-stress can be reduced to a much more manageable level.

  I am from the Fairmont West Virginia area, working with individuals and groups. Our company has tapes also available for many specific situations, and is willing to produce tapes for most any situation. What I am offering you is not a miracle, but techniques in how to use your mind to gain more control of your life. You can have more control over stress! Please take the opportunity to check out specific subjects that may interest you. If you wish, you can e-mail me at frazier@wvmail.com and I will try to answer any serious questions personally.

j.t.C. Moore

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