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Job Stress
  Job stress is affecting more people now than ever before. Economic changes have caused more companies to down size (another phrase for lay-off) in order to become more cost effective. The days of one income supporting a family are all but history, and a distant history at that.
  Job stress affects the body in several ways. The body reacts to stress in a prepared defensive action. Stress affects the nervous system, hormones, blood pressure, muscles and the skeletal system. It can lead to back aches and repetitive stress injuries. Over a long period of time it can weaken the immune system, causing frequent colds and the likelihood of infections. Stress has been linked to emotional problems, depression, and low self esteem. It can cause the blood pressure to rise causing a higher risk of heart disease.
  The number of people suffering from job stress is staggering, as is the amount of damage that stress can do. Employees worry about keeping their jobs, keeping up with the work load, and doing their job well.
  There are some ways to lessen stress, but stress is a part of everyday life. The object is to keep stress at its lowest possible level. Individuals can learn stress reduction methods, as in learning self hypnosis from a professional. These methods help to control immediate and long term stress, physical discomfort and pain. The methods taught can help with concentration in work, study, test anxiety, performance anxiety, as well as sports performance. Costing only about $300.00 for five sessions of training, the average individual can lessen their stress reactions to a much more manageable level. Methods such as these  can help an individual to gain more control over their daily life. It will be interesting to see how companies, employers, and insurance companies deal with the issues of stress in the future.
  Stress costs millions of dollars each year in lost production, job injuries, lost work hours and in losing well trained employees. It is bound to continue and become an even larger problem in the future. Exercise, good nutrition, education on fitness and wellness will become a must to control stress.

j.t.C. Moore, Professional Hypnotist frazier@wvmail.com
Brenda Moore
REST 287-7738     frazier@wvmail.com
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