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by Greg Howard

Lake fishing is perfect for flies this time of year. But most of the time,
the fish are jumping way beyond the range of the amateur angler.
Beginning trout fishermen are pretty apprehensive about fly fishing,
thinking that they will have to make yet another expensive investment
in equipment and gear. They just got the basics down with the
spinning rod, and don't even want to think about learning an entirely
different casting style and technique. Fortunately, the clear plastic
bubble opens up a new dimension of fly fishing for both the novice and
amateur fisherman.


The equipment is minimal:
o spinning rod with 4-6# line
o 2-4# line for leader
o clear plastic bubble
o small swivel
o assorted wet & dry flies

All of the above can be found at any supply store. The flies should be
of good quality (avoid "discount" flies). The following are good
"starter" flies to look for:

Dry flies: Ginger Quill, California Mosquito, Red Ant,
Renegade, Royal Coachman, Black Gnat, White
Miller, El Capitan, Adams Irresistible, Gray

Wet flies: Wooly Worm (brown, olive), Wooly Bugger
(black, black & olive, olive, brown), Joe's
Hopper (grasshopper), Muddler Minnow.

Dry flies are intended to imitate bugs landing on the water surface.
Some dry flies, like the Gray Wulff, can be rigged as a wet fly to
imitate an insect submerged and drifting.

Wet flies imitate various shrimp and hellgrammites found in lake
waters, as well as minnows and larval insects.

Overwhelmed? Get a few Adams for topwater, Wulffs for top &
submerged, and Olive Wooly Worms & Buggers for submerged. Start
with these and add to your collection as your enjoyment progresses.


1. Pull four feet of line from the rod tip to work with.

2. Slide the bubble on the line and tie one end of the swivel to the
line. The bubble should be free to slide but will not pass over the

3. Measure leader and tie to swivel. Use six feet of line for submerged
flies; use nine feet of line for dry flies.

Easy measuring technique: Use a tape measure and measure the span
of your stretched arms (mine is six feet). Now pull line from left hand
to right using the span as your guide (half span is at the tip of your

4. Tie fly to end of leader.

5. Fill bubble with water.
Dry flies should use a bubble filled halfway with water to keep them
afloat and to lessen the "plunk" when hitting the water.

Submerged flies need a bubble completely filled with water. The
bubble will hold the fly at the same level throughout the retrieve.

Check Out Part Two Next Week!

About the Author:

Greg Howard, Publisher mailto: howard@flyhook.com
Flyhook: "Anglers Who'd Rather Fish than Surf."

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