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  Hello, my name is Patrick Camp Jr. and I am the Chief flight Instructor for A C Express, a Morgantown based Part 141 flight school. A C Express is a full service flight training facility providing training for ratings from Private Pilot to Airline Transport Pilot. We have been in business since September 1999 when we started with one airplane, one instructor and one goal: to provide Northern West Virginia with   absolutely the best flight instruction services possible. We now have three training aircraft, four flight instructors and a large, fully equipped facility. I am looking forward to providing the flying and non-flying public alike, with discussions on current topics, training advice and expertise, or entertaining stories. I look forward to all of your input for ideas on future storylines. I have simply started with some of my more memorable recollections. Any ideas?

Thanks for stopping by!

Patrick Camp Jr

  "What do you want me to do?" the neophyte in the left seat said in wide-eyed amazement. "Since you are taxiing the aircraft so well, would you like to try the takeoff, also?" I said. She was in complete disbelief. How could anyone with no experience actually cause an aircraft to become airborne without an accident immediately following? "Actually", I said, "The takeoff is a simple maneuver. Just apply full power, keep the aircraft straight on the runway with the rudder pedals, accelerate to liftoff speed and rotate!" Once again, the newbie pilot just stared back at me like a possum in a high beam. I just smiled back and assured her that I would be there at all times, and I didn't feel like picking bark out of my teeth either. I wasn't about to let anything happen that wasn't supposed to happen. She reluctantly agreed.

  I wish that snapping a picture of the faces of these introductory flight students just after liftoff wasn't so unsafe. In that minute instant when the machine leaves the ground and you feel the push in your pants of the airplane leaping upward, the rush of mother earth falling away, and the beautiful panoramic landscape exploding beneath you, a smile as wide as the Ole' Miss spreads across your face. You made this happen.

  It's a great feeling! As the lesson progressed, the student attempted many maneuvers, gaining confidence with every pitch and power change. Before it was all said and done, new skills were learned, beautiful sites were seen, and an extremely good time was had by all.

  I absolutely love to fly and I hope it shows. I have been flying now for just under twenty years, beginning when I was as young as you could be, 16 years old. From that point until now, I have flown many different types of aircraft, to many different destinations, met many interesting and entertaining friends, and have experienced more life changing events than I ever imagined possible. And I can say one thing that many of my acquaintances cannot; I am living my dream! If flying has always been a dream for you, or if you are just curious, come on out for an introductory flight lesson and bring along a friend. These flights make excellent gifts, too. Just come on up and see us sometime!

Win a free Air Tour of Morgantown courtesy of A C Express & Mountain Echo

A C Express

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